( Reber VOIP ) Providing the Highest Level of Communication Services.

Through our services you can communicate with your family and friends in Kurdistan regardless of your location. You will be given a local Kurdistan Landline number wherever you are in the world all that is required from you is to purchase one of our products and have an active internet connection at home. Then you can communicate with your loved ones in Kurdistan at amazing low local rates, and to everywhere around the world for the  best  rates.

How Reber VOIP Works

Reber VoIP phone service offers unlimited local, long distance and an amazing low rate

to call worldwide, over a clear, reliable connection. Reber VoIP (Voice over Internet

 Protocol) is so easy to use and inexpensive.

About Us

Reber Wold

Reber World was established on June 2009 in Dohuk-Kurdistan and it is the first company in Iraq and Northern Iraq region (Kurdistan), which provides local land line numbers in a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which can be used outside Iraq at your convenience and it is our aim in giving you the feeling of being at home while abroad. Reber World is Newroz Telecom's sister company along with Air, local landline numbers and CDMA Reber handset, which are all networked together by highly skilled IT staffs who work around the clock in providing you the best reliable services, quality and an unbeatable low rates which you can enjoy at your arm’s reach.